SharePoint 2013 New Event Receivers for Groups, Users, Roles and Inheritance

Recently, I’ve come across SharePoint 2013 New Event Receivers for Groups, Users, Roles and Inheritance article while doing some investigation for my other issue. Straight away in my mind, I wished they’ve could done it in SharePoint 2010 and solve my nightmare 2-3 years ago.


The way to implement the SPSecurityEventReceiver event receiver is a bit unusual.

  1. Class needs to be created and inherited from SPSecurityEventReceiver.
  2. Then, you need to override desired SPSecurityEventReceiver available methods inside the class.
  3. Finally on FeatureActivated, the SPSecurityEventReceiver needs to be attached to the current web.

You could see more detail in one of my reference links.

Available Methods

SharePoint Group Events:

  • GroupAdded
  • GroupAdding
  • GroupDeleted
  • GroupDeleting
  • GroupUpdated
  • GroupUpdating

SharePoint User Events:

  • GroupUserAdded
  • GroupUserAdding
  • GroupUserDeleted
  • GroupUserDeleting
  • RoleAssignmentAdded
  • RoleAssignmentAdding
  • RoleAssignmentDeleted
  • RoleAssignmentDeleting
  • RoleDefinitionAdded
  • RoleDefinitionAdding
  • RoleDefinitionDeleted
  • RoleDefinitionDeleting
  • RoleDefinitionUpdated
  • RoleDefinitionUpdating

Inheritance Events:

  • InheritanceBreaking
  • InheritanceBroken
  • InheritanceReset
  • InheritanceResetting



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