All Available SharePoint Web Template ID

I found good reference from Praveen Hebbar blog and I don’t want to loose it.

In my scenario, this is very useful for SharePoint branding. I utilize it when feature activating event to apply different custom master page for My Site / Search Site based on the Web Template ID.

function Get-SPWebTemplateWithId
 $templates = Get-SPWebTemplate | Sort-Object "Name"
 $templates | ForEach-Object {
  $templateValues = @{
   "Title" = $_.Title
   "Name" = $_.Name
   "ID" = $_.ID
   "Custom" = $_.Custom
   "LocaleId" = $_.LocaleId
  New-Object PSObject -Property $templateValues | Select @("Name","Title","LocaleId","Custom","ID")

Get-SPWebTemplateWithId | Format-Table

Results Table





























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